Dressy Bessy - Big Vacation Lyrics

Artist: Dressy Bessy Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Pink Hearts Yellow Moons
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Ahh- ahh big vacation
Ahh- ahh big vacation
Ahh- ahh big vacation
Ahh- ahh big vacation
Now let's get set
we're heading- down the highway
my motor bike is ready- for the riding
2000 miles of tiny- lines unwinding
we've packed our bags
and now the needles' climbing
guess who's driving
They say so what- distraction
it's just a mild distraction
if you're concerned- let's keep our
seatbelts fastened
let's chase the sun for fun
and feeling groovy
your time is up give up- the driving duty
your so moody
loaded up the truck
been saving up for months
the day has finally come
for our big vacation

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