Dressy Bessy - My Maryanne Lyrics

Artist: Dressy Bessy Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Pink Hearts Yellow Moons
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Help me find my Maryanne
She and I go hand in hand
If you see my Maryanne
tell her I am lovelier
If you see my Maryanne
tell her I forgot the plan
when you see that Maryanne
she'll make you feel lovelier
Mary's out- I'm afraid
She's been out since Friday
I've called out her name
But she still slipped by me
Is she out- on a date?
Where does she wander
I can't find her
Help me find my Maryanne
tell her just how down I am
If you see that Mary can
She's makes me feel happier
Oh, Maryanne it's so
to hold your hand
and oh, Maryanne
let's go- I'll hold your hand
Help me find my Maryanne....

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