Dressy Bessy - You Stand Here Lyrics

Artist: Dressy Bessy Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Pink Hearts Yellow Moons
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Be a guy
make bottle rockets
blow up in their eyes
now and then- he'll say he's crazy
we don't ask him why
I know- you're thinking it in
You're a guy
make firecrackers
blow up in her hair
now and then- he'll say he's lazy
we don't even care
I'll be over there
you stand here
she's got pretty hair
you stand here
on a double dare
you stand here
then they'll know
that you're grown up- when you're gone
If you're the guy
win hidden glances
twinklin' in their eyes
now again- he's feeling crazy
let's not ask him why
then they'll know
that you're grown
that you're not a kid anymore
they'll sing
all the words to all of your songs...

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