Drive Like Jehu - Luau Lyrics

Artist: Drive Like Jehu Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Yank Crime
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Failures in outer space, failures and crimes,
lets get something straight: s'not for mine.
before you were born, after you die,
failures in outer space, failures and crimes,

it's depth - whatever its worth -
it's in the unit to measure the curse -
it's in the set-up yeah it's built in,
whatever the get up - yeah it's built in -
wait til the rubout - wait til the purge -
wipe the last ahole the fuck off our turf -

aloha! aloha! suit up!
luau! luau! luau! luau!

kill off the tourist and we'll all sleep sound
cash-in their fillings & blow it in town
we'll blow it on rifles, we'll blow it on drinks,
head in the corner, head in the sink

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