Duff McKagan Lonely Tonite Lyrics

Artist: Duff McKagan
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You know, I keep having this - current dream
I see peace
Through fire, through rain
And this little girl came out to me and said
"Sir, where the tears come from"
I look this baby girl and said
"Baby, from you definitely not pain"
So, if anybody out there can figure this out
Drop me a line
Maybe we can all be free
Take care
Do you remember walkin' hand in hand
Did you understand, well, I did
We used to listened to that song
"Are you lonely tonight?"
I think the king sang it
I'm lonely tonite
Yeah lonely tonight
That's right
I used to read you bedtime stories
I'm so lonely tonite
I'm so lonely, so lonely
Remember you used to protect me
From my fright
Now I stand here with a bottle in my hand
Who cares?
What's different?