Duncan Sheik - Bite Your Tongue Lyrics

Writer(s) : SHEIK, DUNCAN
Artist: Duncan Sheik Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Humming
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Such an annoying conversation
I'm sorry but I'm tired of trying
To be some picture of compassion
And anyway it sounds like I'm lying
And yes I've heard the world has conspired
To steal away your god-given right
To a happy home and comfortable children
Next you'll sue them for abandoning you!

So bite your tongue
You're not the only one
Who's been let down
Bite your tongue
Maybe it's good for you
To hit the ground

Oh, Christ it's gonna sound like I'm agreeing
With the most ultra-boring ideas
Of pop psychological western gurus
Who haven't gotten lucky in years
And so you see I have no intention
Of giving you the easy way out
Yes I'll smile as I burn the self-help section
Of my local bookstore!


Blame the shapes and blame the angles
Blame it on your own dark planes
If you blame on something other,
The victim's song remains,


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