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Album: Track 1 on Cameo
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In your sleep you've been talkin'
Callin' every other name but mine
And that's not a very encouraging sign
In my arms, you've been restless
Thinkin' 'bout somebody else while holdin' me
Well, if you want me to set you free
You don't have to ask for my permission
I don't wanna live in a broken home
I can do without an explanation
You don't have to spend tonight alone

Oh, tell me
Who gets your love when I'm gone?
Will she kiss you with her eyes
Choose your ties, keep your pillow warm?
Baby, baby, who gets your love when I'm gone?
When I move into the house
Down the street where I started from?
Oh, who gets your love?

Oh, people talk, I hear rumors
My imagination, it runs away with me
Gonna lose you eventually
So I'll go, I'll make it easy
Give you back the need that I don't satisfy
Maybe she will better than I

You gotta tell me
Who gets your love when I'm gone?
Will she let you stay in bed
Rub your head, take the pain away?
Baby, baby, who gets your love when I leave?
When I've said my last goodbye
You'll know why I just couldn't stay

I just couldn't stay
Tell me who gets your love when I'm gone?
Will she love you, love you, love you
And will she keep your pillow so warm
Tell me who, when I go, when I leave?
When I'm walking down the street where I am
'Cause you treated me so badly
And you lost what you had baby

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