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Artist: Dyecrest Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on The Way of Pain
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One's life taken away and lost
And other's dream is crushed to dust

All the things are like thin ice
they're breaking down before my eyes
Today it seems too hard to have some faith in you

Tomorrow when I look at you
I can't help thinking how you do

All these things, you don't exist
a prisoner in timeless mist
I never will escape from your lust

How could I find the faith, tomorrow?
Today and tomorrow
there will be sorrow
Today and tomorrow
It's all in vain
And deep inside there is just sorrow
Today and tomorrow
there will be sorrow
Today and tomorrow
Nothing to gain

I wonder why I am in fear
Life just ain't fair
But who of us is to decide

Everything is crashing down
It seems I can not carry on
Where is the beauty
Where did it go

Hanging on by a thread
And all these fragile dreams
we don't know when they'll fall
It' like a book of misery
Time turns the pages on and on... ...on and on

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