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Album: Track 6 on The Way of Pain
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None of your games
I've ever played
All of your deeds
ever betrayed
None of your thoughts
I've ever bought
You're sellin' lies
day after day

All of your games
full of those lies
you've never had
a doubt of yourself
Enough you have bought
the stories you've sold
to believe in that shit
day after day

Now I am right here
in front of your madness
hearing all the
promises of gold

But you should know
I don't care
because you will lose in the end
(When you crusify, how do you justify?)
You did make it all so clear
but I don't wanna see
and you think
you have saved your own life

The gambling must be
your way to win
my way to the top
ain't in your sight
Lost all you had
still think you'll win
crying for gold
day after day

Treasure was there
right in your hands
but you let it go,
you let it flow
Thinking "I might"
Saying "I will"
you can go on
day after day

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