Dystopia - Diary of a Battered Child Lyrics

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Album: Track 12 on The Aftermath...
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my head hits the wall
dont know why this is happening to me
a role model for me in this world
"do as i say and not as i do"
another slap across my face
just to show me that you care
how can i fucking love you?
what love do you have to share?
someday theres gonna be hell to pay
for treating your son this way
you cant take my dignity
without destroying your love for me
and you wonder why i hate your fucking guts
no time left for apologies
fuck you
grown apart from you
im told that i am stupid
you taught me all i know
that im so fucking worthless
and that my lives a joke
curled up in a ball
is how i spent my fucking life
i tremble in fear and im bloody
and i cant stop the tears from flooding my eyes
what have i done to deserve
the agony you call love
i got a broken arm and stitches
while other kids got kisses and hugs
love / abuse
ever since i was born
i get them confused
you never cared
you never will
when i die
dont come to my funeral

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