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Artist: Dystopia Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Human = Garbage
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with all the flaws of technology
we are forced to destroy
to keep with our "needs"
but our needs are superficial cause the best things in life are the things that are free
solar energy is perfect
it's abundant and free
but they cannnot sell the sun
so they pollute the air we breathe
if there's gas burning over that then there's moneyto be made
it doesn't matter if we chocke
just as long as they're paid
humanity is diggin it's own grave
from the master in his high rise
to his hunched over slaves
we are all to blame
we're all wasteful and greedy
your own ways
examine your actions..retrace yoru steps
the oblivious fool is the fool who breeds death
you cannot attack the whole until you killl the fool inside
so much can be done
but you most firust use your mind
you'll never be perfect unless you drop out of life
you're cavity just the same
we must realize we're either making things worse or helping things change
there is no better place
save the earth
why all die in misery
break your chains
we can't change in our graves
save the earth
and we're adamned to count on you
break the chains

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