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Dont' sleep after night breaks.
It could be your end.
Is it ten? Don't look in the mirror.
Is it twelve? Don't ever turn around.
It is one? Then wait for four.
Don't sleep because Freddy is here.
Mother! Fear is coming back.
Fear cooks me.
Fear crushes my bones.
Fear rips apart my heart.
Fear pounds my skull .
Fear paralyzes my arm.
Fear roars in my ear like bomb alarms.
Fear squeezes my eyes.
Fear wants to drain my money.
Fear wants me to be torn hell. F
ear wants to hurl me into insanity.
Fear shows me the worst of the Devil's faces.
Fear bursts my vains.
Hello, here comes Freddy, your nightmare.
Ha....Ha...I got you.
I took you.
I will get you.
I will get you tonight.
Hello, here comes Freddy, your nightmare.
aaaaaa...weakness. aaaaaa...anxiety.

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