E Nomine Die 10 Gebote [english] Lyrics

Artist: E Nomine
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I am the Lord, your God,
You shouldn't have any other Gods before me.
You should not take the name of your Lord,
in vein,
You will not leave unpunished,
If you misuse my name.
You should keep the Sabbath Day holy.
You should honour your mother and father,
It will probably show on you,
And you will live a long time on Earth.
You shouldn't kill.
You shouldn't break your honour.
You shouldn't steal.
You shouldn't bare false witness against
your neighbor
You shouldn't covet your neighbor's house.
You shouldn't covet your neighbor's wife,
slaves, land, cattle, or anything that is his.
I, the Lord, your God, am an eager God,
I hate those over me,
The sins of your father will afflict the
fourth or fifth descendant that hates me.
But, those who I love and who follow my commandments
Will probably have a thousand descendants
The 10 Commandments! Moses...
The 10 Commandments! Moses...
Protect God's Commandments
I am your God.
You beloved people.
I love you

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