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I offer you my life.
Can you give me eternity?
I stand before your altar.
I don't know who I am or who I was.
I hate this world, that only asks questions.
She doesn't love me.
She won't accept me.
So why is she embarrased for me?
She isn't interested in what happens to me.
Cut my veins out.
Hang me and hit me.
Pain and grief consumes me until the train of life runs me over.
This world is so empty.
I cannot (live) and don't want to anymore.
Violent death.
The last day of life.
Death, eternal sleep, in a coffin.
The end...
Stench of the blood empty corpses.
The last judgement rests.
To the future and a deadly drink.
In the grave the dead victim breaks apart.
Corpses Song.

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