E-40 - Wake It Up Lyrics

Writer(s) : Stevens, Earl T / Thiam, Aliaume / Price, Matthew
Artist: E-40 Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on The Ball Street Journal
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Akon! and E-40, yeah

[Chorus: Akon]
I know you ain't used to having real *****s like me around
I'm here to change to your whole life girl, so you don't deal with clowns
And treat you like the superstar that you are
Cause I'm a superstar too and I know exactly what I must do to make you
Feel! I'm about to wake it up!
Feel! See I'm about to wake it up!
Feel! I'm about to wake it up!
Don't It feel so good girl
Feel! I'm about to wake it up!
Feel! See I'm about to wake it up!
Feel! I'm about to wake it up!
Don't It feel so good girl

[Verse 1: E-40]
I keep it 100's, don't carry nothing but 100's
I'm trying to wake it up, I'm on your line like Vonage
I'm a real one, Ma!
Get rid of that clown, Get with a factor
Patna don't count, he a lame he don't matter
Shining like a big dipper, glowing like a star
Looking up a paw, pulling up in my car
Walked right up to the front where the bosses park at
I got a cold mouth piece can talk a chick out her check
Security loves me, let me in with no sweat
I see Asian persuasion, Caucasian, all kinds of chicks
Milk skin, chocolate boned, lambs and Haitians
Tryna take me something home and have some relation


[Verse 2: E-40]
Good God Almighty! Look at that body
What you holding? Girl you a banger!
You ain't off the back porch, you're off the hanger!
You working with something, you gotta personal trainer?
Whole crew fine but you're one of a kind
You a ten piece, shawty you a dime
Back that thing up, baby press rewind
I'm a Scorpio, Shawty what's your sign?
I'm just tryna know you, hold a conversation
Spoil you a lil', lightweight cupcakin'
Spend a lil gouda, get your hair done up
I'm a show you how a tycoon wake that thing up


[Bridge: Akon]
Don't stop get it get it, Bout' to jump up all the way up in it
Love the way you drop low and bend it
Girl you're killing me, wait a minute
Love the way that you shake it up
Too natural to make it up
Won't be long till we wake it up


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