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Fred, come to bed
Cause my Max had sex with his sexy ex
Oh Fred, come to bed,
Baby I will let your dreams come wet

Oh Fred, come to bed
Baby you will get a love you never had
So Fred, come to bed
Oh my fantasy will drive me mad

Oh Fred...

Well I'm Max, I'm Max, baby don't be blue
Don't be worry, don't be sorry I come back to you
Just one more night with poor old ex
She's only lonely, and we don't have sex
I'm Max, Max, Max
Baby please stay cool and just relax
I'll soon be back, but if you feel sad
Just go and talk to my friend Fred

I'm Max, I'm Max and I trust in Fred
Babe, he's the best friend I've ever had
It's Fred, it's Fred, Baby just call Fred
And anything you ever wanted you will get
Call Fred, Fred, Fred
And you will find it's not so bad
It's just one night babe you'll get through
Tomorrow I'll be back with you

Oh Fred
Now come to bed
Oh my Max had sex
With his ex last night
Cause he loves her ass and tits
So I'm tellin' you Fred
Come into my bed
If you don't I will call up Fritz

Oh Fred... Come to bed

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