E-Force - Belief Lyrics

Artist: E-Force Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Evil Forces
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[Lyrics: Eric Forrest - Bryan Donahue, Music: Danny Lauzon] Underground And Wicked Into The Vast Prone To Waiting Your Time Allowed Want To Paint It Across The Sky One Dimension Soon Divide You Wanna Know? You Wanna Know It To Keep Strong And To Feel Like New Kill The Prophet And Saw The Body In Two You Wanna Show? You Wanna Know It You Wanna Know? Fall Into The Light Join... [Lead: Danny Lauzon] What Do You Do Now? Your Times Wasted Feel Malevolent Not A Scholar I Am Feel The Cross Defy No Coming Back Walk To The Light Don't Turn Around You Wanna Know? You Wanna Know It You Wanna Know?

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