E-Force Germ Warfare Lyrics

Artist: E-Force
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[Lyrics: Bryan Donahue - Eric Forrest, Music: Eric Forrest - Bryan Donahue - Danny Lauzon] Chemicals Affect The Nervous System Generates A Slow Mournful Death Bringing On Widespread Destruction Realize They'll Soon Decay See Them Fight Until Their Last Breathe Dark Clouds Resound Chemicals In The Air A League Their Own All Lives Get Spared Helpless Reach For The Sky They Wanted War Where The Hell Am I God Damned? Killing All The Large Populations Injection Antidotes Are Used War Waged On Defenseless Nations They Carry Out The Termination Absolute Power Is Abused Beneath The Ground All Through The Earth Release The Rounds Radiation Burns Toxic Energy Human Waste Restore New Anarchy No Time To Wait Wiped Out -
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