E-Force - Mayhem Lyrics

Artist: E-Force Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Evil Forces
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[Lyrics & Music: Eric Forrest] [Lead: Brian Donahue] With All The Blood That's Spilled You've Had To Change Your Life Start It Over Again And Rise What Appears To Be So Real? Does Not Appear To Be So Make The Sacrifice Time To Weight It Out And Form A Separate Life No Way They Can Deny Feel A War At Hand No Way They Can Survive Hear Them Calling Out Their Lies Revenge - Mayhem - Reset - Vengeance Reset - Repress [Lead: Brian Donahue] Reset - Repress [Lead: Danny Lauzon] Complicate Their World Torture And Confine Poison All Their Veins Of Life Manipulate The Weak Intimidate Their Minds Contaminate All Their Bloodlines Revenge - Mayhem - Reset - Vengeance Revenge - Mayhem - Reset -

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