E-Rotic - It's Just a Little Flirt Lyrics

Artist: E-Rotic Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Sex Generation
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It's just a little flirt

So many lonely hearts
With that longing deep inside
And I need you now
Need your love tonight
So many ways to lose
Mean it right and make it wrong
Any fool on Earth
Can sing this simple song

It's just a little flirt
And you start lying
Just a little lie
And I start crying
It's just a little tear
I feel like dying
Just a little kiss
You send me flying
It's just a little flirt
It's just a little flirt

So many girls around
But it happened to be you
I want this dream
Want it to come true
So many ways to win
Ways of bad and ways of good
There's no guarantee
I will - I want - I would

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