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Artist: E-Rotic Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Sex Generation
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Sex machine
I'm running so hot with your energy
I'll get you going faster
Sex machine
You put me on top of my ecstasy
We're heading for disaster
Sex machine

You're my sex machine

1-2-3-5 Baby let your engine roar
I'll show you what I'm longing for
A small one is not enough
Cos I'm looking for a lot of love
Turn your sex machine
So strong and hot and wild and mean
Do it - Feel it - Whow
Please don't stop your engine now

You're my sex machine

1-2-3 Speak - Hey you're like a machine gun
I need some pleasure - I need some fun
I want it - So speed it up - Speed it up
And find my cup
Just handle your instrument
I feel - Feel it's all in your hand
I need it baby anyhow
Please don't stop your engine now

You're my sex machine

You're my sex machine - Come on
Oh come closer - Oh be my sex machine
Oh oh ooohhh

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