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Album: Track 2 on Screwed Up Movement
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[scratching] [Hook: x2] (ten thousand, on the wrist for the boss) Now hold up (ten thousand, on the wrist for the boss) Now hold up (ten thousand, on the wrist for the boss Told me take my chain off, let my body defrost) [E.S.G.:] Huh, go on po' you a cup G'eah you's a G mayn, go on throw it up Huh you blowing big mayn, go on smoke it up Look how we walk down here, look how we talk down here When I say swang and bang, I ain't talking bout a Crip or Blood The way we do our cars, is ridiculous You call em rags, man we call em drops Y'all call your money qwat, man we call our knots Call our female bops, don't punch clocks or ride stocks Went to school with my rocks, nothing but money in my lunch box Bigfoot sasquatch, that's how I'm stepping in the game Step down for a minute, they let the nigga gain Now I'm speaking at the podium, smooth as lenolium Southside veteran, paint wetter than petroleum Yeah, so watch me do my thang So go on ride with your boy, if you understand my slang [Hook x2] [E.S.G.:] Yeah w
orld, guess who's back Might not know me or not, come to the bottom of the map Screwed Up Click regime, one of the hardest on the team Range Rovers sporting mean, like bulvarian cream Back in the day me and K, apple green Suburban Took 36 to 88, like changing Bettis to Irvin Talking OZ's, cause we OG's Look like a janitor's office, cause my desk full of keys Whole neck's full of B's, want my stash a hundred Got some'ing for you jackers, that'll blast ya ski mask dummy To the boys that tried to rob me, show me where that spot at I put that on my mama, that's where you gonna ride at [Hook x2] [E.S.G.:] Working the wheel keeping it real, down South we call it trill This one year my dreams fulfilled, no more teams hogging the deal Paying my mills displaying my skills, self defense I had to kill Had the car had the crib, way before had the deal Street credit but popping it still, never been known for popping a pill Dream setters that's for real, even Nelly got a grill I never sky dived, they say it's real hard
I never climbed a mountain, watch me climb the billboards Can't go to jail snitches tell, bout every gram you sell Say they love me game is ugly, like Sam Cassell Independent Roger Clemens, better back down trick I heard enough about you kings, let me see if that crown fit [Hook x4]

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