Ride Wit Us Lyrics


album: Track 5 in album Screwed Up Movement
release date:
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genres: Hip Hop
styles: Screw/Gangsta/Thug Rap
length: 4:50

Cover Art

E.S.G. Screwed Up Movement cover art
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(feat. Bun B, Chamillionaire) [talking:] G'eah know I'm saying, it's going down right now We got three legends in here And we'd like to welcome everybody, to the South Know I'm tal'n bout, so we gon take you on a lil' tour And show you how we do it, where we come from Know I'm saying, or like we say know I'm tal'n bout (already, know I'm saying hey it's Koopa uh) [Chamillionaire:] Stay froze up with the bluest wrist, stay coming through in the newest whip Stay iced out like a new refrig-erator, say I do it big Cause they know I do and they know it's true, and you mad when nobody don't notice you Cause we rolling through and they know it too, Chamilitary it's Chamilitary known to do What they can't million dollar crib, multi-million dollar deal Multi-colored diamond grill, it's my multi-million dollar year I'm for real I'm for real, it's the truth of the streets really trying to feel Behind the wheel grinding still, cause I'm trying to feel on a diamond wheel Swang the swangas with the swang and banga, in S
uburbans and drops When we pop up, niggaz know what time it is like the Burger King watch If they don't then they can get beef, like it's a Burger King stop Make an order get your recorder, while I murder it pop I got my hand on my phone, they say it don't look like my phone Police trying to catch me riding dirty, that's my clip and my chrome uh Give me back my weapon you wise guy, stop hating cause the way a nigga ride fly Turn all the speakers up in the fly ride, have a nigga block sounding like a drive by [Hook:] If you wanna ride with us, you gotta be down to bust If you wanna ride with us, talking to my G's and hustlers If you wanna ride with us, 24's up on the truck If you wanna ride with us, let me see ya throw your side up [E.S.G.:] Ride with us or come roll with me, E.S.G. and my dog Bun B And the C-H-A-M-I double L-I-O-N-A to the I-R-E Me and Pimp C in a Bentley mayn, million sold independent mayn Told you boys you ain't eat like us, trunk'll pop but u ain't beat like us O.G. out the S.U.C., 0-7
ESV R.I.P. to my dog Todd Profit, DJ Screw and P-A-T ATL gon trap with it, rock and finger snap with it H-Town slow it down, chop and double tap with it Louisiana pop jiggas with it, diamond grill and get triller with it Sipping lean with the championship team, watch me Pittsburgh Stealer with it Fish scale like a real O.G., too many e-mails for me to read www.myspace, forward slash yup E.S.G Independent I'm a giant, backhand boys who act defiant 36 OZ wave my wand, go fade the one like Kobe Bryant Never seen purple smoke this strong, big old spokes'll poke out on chrome Leave it alone or get chrome to the dome, represent for your home if you know this song [Hook] [Bun B:] I got the keys in the ignition, the dro up in the gaurd Candy dripping off my swisher shoes, cup in my car I'm a ghetto superstar, I can cut any corner Get to flipping and flossing, through any hood that I wanna Bun B back up in the slab, navigating the town Chunking deuces and showing love, when I'm coming around I don't have to wanna t
ry to be down, I been a G with it All the game need, is Bun B and Pimp C in it Underground King, P.A.T. that's where I'm from Representing, until they send me back to kingdom come Hustlers they want my downfall, short stoppers want my cuts Rappers wanna take my spot, but they can all just get my nuts Fingers up haters down, free the Pimp that's the drill Lady shining on the grill, that's how we keep it trill Diamonds up against the wood, pistol on my side Banging Screw that's how we do in Texas, that's how we ride [Hook]

Track Listing

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  • 2 Hold Up
  • 3 Back in the Building
  • 4 Gorilla Music
  • 5 Ride Wit Us
  • 6 Purped Out
  • 7 Keep Gettin It
  • 8 No Matter What
  • 9 Not a Workout Song
  • 10 Southside Pop Trunks
  • 11 How We Swang
  • 12 Gotta Shine
  • 13 Gangsta
  • 14 Grand National
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