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Artist: Eagle-Eye Cherry Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Present | Future
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kick the bass for the brothers,
and let 'em know whats going on.

say whatcha say.
And you pray that one day,
you'll be,
seen between the shadows.
that's, the waste of your pain.
Living your life like a saint.
When it don't,
no it don't even matter.

Even saints,
make their mistakes.
Letting their dreams fall and brake.
Oh, it feels like,
Living in sunshine with the shades pulled down.
Now I,
Want you to see,
How good life can be,
You can turn it around,
and better your life with the good times found.

People will always take the long way around.
Before you know that you'll be lost and found.
Living in sunshine with the shades pulled down.
People will always take the long way around.


He's walking to the beach y'all,
to the beach y'all.
C'mon y'all.
Heh heh hehh.

I'm not afraid of pride,
When it's for the right side.
Don't betray,
What I believe in.
Stand, where you must stand,
And I believe when I can,
Cuz I'm telling ya now,
I've been where you living in

(refrain 2X)

Will tomorrow keep it's promise?
No one here can say,
The past is all behind us,
And all we have is today.
And all we have is today.

Don't stop now,
sunshine yeah.
Don't break the door.
Don't cause trouble,
Don't run into nobody.
I love you daddy.
Like nobody, ha ha haa.

(refrain 2X)

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