Eagle-Eye Cherry - Permanent Tears Lyrics

Artist: Eagle-Eye Cherry Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Desireless
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On the day of her arrival
No one is there to meet her
Something of a sad one
A girl with permanent tears
Born without a family
Born without a name
All she ever wanted
Was to wipe her tears away

Wipe her tears away

If someone came to love her
And if someone came to be
The one that will protect her
Be a family
Now we will see a smile again
And tears like dreams can be
Something we will never see
Lost in her memory

Wipe her tears away
Wipe her tears away
Tears away......away.......away

She´s something of a tragedy
Stands in the shade of despair
I want to cast some light onto her world
A world of permanent tears
Born with out a family
Born with out a name
Free this weeping willow
From drowning in a flood of tears

Wipe her tears away
Tears away......away......away
Wipe her ...

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