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Artist: Eagles of Death Metal Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Death by Sexy...
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I ain't got no fire, to light my cigarette
I'm just an 'ol dog, lookin' for my midnight pet
She lays out a matchstick and offers me the light
I take a drag and blow smoke right in her eyes

Poor doggie
Where's your bone?
Poor doggie
Where's your bone?

You sure ain't an 'ol dog, you could learn some tricks
Show me you're a good dog, show me you can beg
Maybe if you're real good, I'll give you tasty treats
Show me desperation, there's other dogs to meet

Poor doggie
Where's your bone?
Poor doggie
Where's your bone?

Your leash is a short one, roll over and play dead
You're my pretty doggie, I pat you on your head
Girl, you been so good
You sure do make me proud
I won't put you up
But, I will put you down
There's other dogs to meet
I will put you down

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