Earth Wind and Fire - Night of My Life Lyrics

Artist: Earth Wind and Fire Lyrics
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At the edge of creation
I'm on the floor of eternity
Leave it all behind me
Know wich way I'm going
All I know is flowing
Mind intent on magic
I know that you have it

It's bout to go on
Peace is popping souls on
Night's about to transform
Born to bring this body to life
And if you want some
I'm about to bring up
The love that's under us
Make it flood
Until it fills us with morning light

Night of my life
Having feeling of a fire
Burning with life
Tasting divinity
Night of my life
I got plans to make this real right
Starting tonight
Night of my life
Night of my life
Night of my life

Repeat Pre-chorus
Repeat V1

Repeat Pre-chorus
Repeat chorus (2x)

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