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Artist: Earthsuit Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Kaleidoscope Superior
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follow me down the road to the realms of the rhyme people of the rock come and rock one time when we bring the funk you know the light of God shine people of the rock come and rock one time anyone thirst there's plenty of new wine people of the rock come and rock one time make me feel so fine all of but all the time people of the rock and the father to come and fill us one time. everybody get your hands up Lord hit me one time infiltrate the mind everybody it's a one time shot smoke from the wick, yesterday burnt the candle daily shots are all that i can handle i see you've gone blind, you want to find the philosophies of a play-dough man but you can't because it's a spectacle everybody, it's a one time shot do re mi fa so la ti do ti la so fa mi re do i warm up my tongue to engage in a lyrical war now i'm ready to go so i reckon the second i'm decking and checking and wrecking the mic i've got the kingdom of darkness talking that i am a psycho the funk republic is in the house, so figure out what the deal is i'm gripping the mic and i'm flipping it right and you've got to get ready to hear this i promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth funkmouth to bootcha the Father to come and fill us one time.

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