Echoing Angels Coming Back To Life Lyrics

Artist: Echoing Angels
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Length: 4:01

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I take a breath and I’m alive
Feels like for the first time
I have seen You through these eyes.
Everything I used to be
That lived inside of me
Is gone, for the last time.
I remember everything I’ve done
But You’ve forgiven each and everyone

And I’m coming back to life
I’m living inside
All of my fears are far behind
I’m coming back to life
I found what I need
And it’s You Lord
I know that it’s You
That brings me back to life

I’ve searched the world just for a sign
Hoping I could find someone
Who could change a heart like mine
I read the stories of your life
The miracles and signs
You turned my water into wine.
It’s so much easier knowing you are hear
And all the doubts at once seem to disappear


My feet are dancing
My heart is crying out for you
So take my life I’m giving it to you

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