Echoing Angels - Living Inside Of Me Lyrics

Artist: Echoing Angels Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on You Alone
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Choices, all of the things that you believe
Try to figure them out
What’s real or just a dream
Falling, just like you I felt the same
I was spinning around
I was trying to find my way

Don’t you know what you’re missing
Are you scared of believing
It’s on your face I can see it
Everything that you need is living inside of me

Faces, you know there’s one in every crowd
That tell you you’re fine
And then slowly drag you down
I’m not the kind to ever give up on you
I don’t care what they say
I’ll be there to see you through


And you climb so high just to reach the bottom
And I try to find my way back to you
My way back to you


Living Inside of me
Living inside of me

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