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I was born the year punk broke
Days before the king was dead
It was the year of the snake
I was a red-faced child
Who stumbled where he tread
Was kept in orderly file
My parents name me Ed
I tried my hardest to smile
And like my daddy said
I've tried to be myself
Sometimes daydreaming for hours
Wishing for a dangerous life
Cut the leash some slack
Run into the morning light
Race the trains by the track
Until my mouth feels dry

But can you count on me?
I might let you down
In a world that is so sensational
No you can count on me
I'm living for the now
Up against the older generation's wall

Born in the '70s
Born in the '70s

After a length of time
You're this parody
Just like the record's stuck
Always repeating the past
That never liked you before
You had no reason to last
We're in a silent war
A telepathic blast
And like my daddy said
These are exciting times
The future grabs my throat
And let's me know it's alright
If I believe in love
Then I believe in hate too
I'll taste the darker stuff
To find some lasting truth

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