Emcees Smoke Crack Lyrics


album: Track 6 in album Primitive Plus
release date: 2002-3-6
popularity : 4 users have visited this page.
genres: Electronic Hip Hop
styles: Experimental
length: 3:42

Cover Art

Edan Primitive Plus cover art
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(He is the king, on the microphone)
Say what
(He is the king, on the microphone)
(He is the king, on the microphone)
Oh word
(He is the king, on the microphone)
Is that true
(He is the king, on the microphone)
You know it
(He is the king, on the microphone)
Edan in the place
(He is the king, on the microphone)
Check it out

[ VERSE 1 ]
Geometric poop: get your shit straight
Dictionary director, that means I dictate
Debonnaire drops, a deluxe depiction
You hear the ( ? ) when I flush your fiction
Protooo-typical I tear
The landlord's lyrical, I caught you there
In a state of debate with yourself, it don't help
With true mentalities, I'm fluent, challenge me
I facilitate, rappers are still afraid
Hearts palpitate, great, I rate alpha
Calculate math to ascertain
Various venoms I vent to blast the brain
Into cerebral bits, the needle hits the groove
I ain't got shit to prove
To a lyricist drinkin milldew, I still do
Damage, managin bloodcells to spill through
An asshole's clothes, a busted up nose
From slick rhyme shadowboxin, big time battle talk
I catastrophically trap a rapper topically
Travel at velocities that avalanche your property
I promptly open arm the potent pathways
To crack eggs on your catch phrase
Pourin rotten milk in the face is how I'm doin em
MC smoke crack, I smoke aluminum

You know what I'm sayin
I smoke aluminum
I smoke aluminum
MC smoke crack, I smoke aluminum
Check it

[ VERSE 2 ]
Shooby-doo-wop, true skills is in your area
Crush cassette decks, wreck your danceteria
Rap relater, rapture that attacks pure
Activator rap pro that slash afros
Can you capture lines I manifacture?
Metaphor mastermind ment to match ya
Merry-go-rounds, the stereo sound, soon it'll find settlement
Celebrating elevating elements
Tell em it's the one with the force of a sun
With a gold that glistens towards solar systems
Twist and turn, you learn I talk tenacious
Laser beam and dream to walk the spaceships
Stars of the galaxy greet the grey granite
Newborn light expands the grand planet
Words circulate to fertilize soil
Kings bring things that murder might spoil
Meanwhile energy bursts through the basement
Distant from districts of displacement
Out of the record you'll arise a raw rhymer
I Rock Gibraltar to smack small timers
The trilogy of talk: tongues, lungs and diaphragms
Pentriloquist with venomous Venn diagrams
Egg yolks in the eyes is how I'm doin em
MC smoke crack, I smoke aluminum

You know
I smoke aluminum
MC's, I smoke aluminum
You can't compete with that
You know
I smoke aluminum
Bust the beat like this

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