Eddie Rabbitt - Every Which Way But Loose Lyrics

Artist: Eddie Rabbitt Lyrics
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I've always been the kind of man who doesn't believe in strings
Long term obligations are just unnecessary things
But girl you've got me thinkin', while I'm drinking one more beer
If I'm headed for a heartache, then why the hell am I still here

I'm testin' my resistance and its wearin' mighty thin
I got the feelin' I should leave before the roof caves in
My mind tells me to move along but my body begs me stay
And now I feel the need to hold you close and love the night away

While you're turnin' me
Every which way but loose
You turn me every which way but loose
Inside the fire's burnin' me
In mind you just keep turnin' me
Every which way but loose
Baby there's no excuse
To turn me every which way but loose

When the sun comes up in the mornin' it should find me someplace new
But right this minute all I want is to lay here next to you
Those memories still keep callin' me from somewhere in my past
Better hurry if they want me cause I can feel me fading fast


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