Eddie Rabbitt - Gone Too Far Lyrics

Writer(s) : Malloy, David / Stevens, Even / Rabbitt, Eddie
Artist: Eddie Rabbitt Lyrics
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I was heading home I hadn't planned on you
I shouldn't be here now but tell me what can I do
The way you're looking in my eyes
Well I'm beginning to realize it's true,
It's you, and baby we've

Gone too far, I'm gonna wake
Gone too far, But I can't help

The way you look at me
The way I look at you:
The way you're touching me
The way I'm touching you

You're pulling all the right strings baby
You're saying all the right things baby to me, to me|
and don't you know we've
Gone too far, I'm gonna wake

Gone too far, but I can't|
Gone too far feels too good to turn back
Gone too far
But I can't help it I'm fall-alling

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