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Artist: Elephant Man Lyrics
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Album: Track 19 on Monsters of Dancehall
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My Stile Is Hot
My Style Is Hot Ha Ha

Badda dan the replacement killer
Who dat mi hear a live inna man shedda
Bounty Killer seh mi fi dun Bounty Killer
Tinga seh mi fi beat di stripe offa Zebra
Badda dan di replacement Killer
Tump dung da one deh bout him sound like shedda
Imitate di star when yu know sey yu a rabba
Jump mi fence an tief mi bank rabba
Badda dan di replacement Killer
Lexxus bus nuh badda sound like mi bredda
"Hey Yow" inna KIP RICH style dem a walla
Vietnum mi live mi par wid Kirk dem an' Fatta
Badda dan di replacement Killer

Capleton Seh mi fi gwaan bun di fire
Claim seh dem bad but Elephant Man Badda
Claim seh dem mad but Elephant Man Madda Madda


Yuh knoe yuh doan waan star a beef wid me
Yuh know yuh doan wanna star a war wid we
And di ice dem pon mi hand a freeze up ol city
Check di temperature below zero degrees
Dem a carbon tief man like di bwoy Henry Morgan
Push up yuh chess mek mi juk yuh dung
Wen mi dun yuh yuh go lie dung inna ward one
Man a Elephant Man an' mi anno human
Mawga like Squidly big like Hulk Horgan
Dem ya style tump up yuh like George Foreman
Murda di bwoy dat a my slogan

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