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Artist: Elephant Man Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Monsters of Dancehall
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A di bellyas (x3)
Missa watch pum, bun a watchie pum(bun dem), corney niggas,
Bun a watchie pum
Stop watch di gal dem pum, bun a watchie pum

A who sey dem a shotta
An a watch dem woman
Wha wi call dem bwoy deh
Pussy watch man

A who sey dem a shotta
an a trail dem woman
wha we call dem bwoy deh
Pussy watch man

Verse 1:
Missa watchie pums
Dat some bwoy a carry feeling fi pum
Fly fast inna di bimma wid di gal gone zoom
Wedda budubaf or cucumcum cum cum
Wi call dem missa watchie clitta
Dat some bwoy dem carry feelings fi litta
Gal dem a tell mi seh him life style bitta
An dem a tell mi sey di bwoy is a
Quitta, quitta quitta quitta(hey)

Repeat chorus

Verse 2:
Sey dem a bad bwoy
Nuh baddy nuh know him
Mix up life a dat di gal dem a show him
Walk an a talk bout a bad man grow him
Ova board mi see di gal dem throw him
Come a tell di gal dem bout him waan dem blow him
Stop watch yuh gal bwoy dat anno joke thing
Gal dema want a man fi plought up dem garden
Dis mi hear di gal dem a call him

Repeat chorus

Verse 3:
Dat bwoy Navis caan slam di gal dem
Him tun round an a Nyam it
An seh nuh seh nuhsee just tell him fi have it
Everywhere she go him just walk an a catch it
Elephant man whey she waan me fi have it
Anaconda a guh use up ann stab it
Man a bad man deal wid dem man deh crabbit
Mek dem jump an spring like a rabbit
Fire bun fi a nyam it (Hey)

Repeat chorus 2x
Repeat Verse 1

Mek mi guh yuh anaconda
bad mon, di gal dem want mi war conqour
on di bed, floor hard as a ronda
bun a watchie pum cuz dem bwoy a wonda
santa santa hey

Repeat chorus untill fad
Repeat chorus

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