Elliott Yamin Free Lyrics

Artist: Elliott Yamin
Publishers: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group, BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT US, LLC, Foreign Imported Productions & Publishing, THE ADMINIS
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Length: 4:06

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Now that the air is out of the way
I'm starting to see myself so clear
Like a light shining into the night
Everybody has a day
When they're criticized for something
But hold on to what you believe

Tell me what you're hiding from
Everybody's on the run
Movin' so fast; got to slow it down, and breathe
Hold fast to your dreams
And don't be afraid to fly
Alone in the sky
When you do, then...

You'll be free
Nothing's impossible
Free (all right, all right)
You've achieved the unexplainable
I believe that miracles
Happen to those
Who refuse to be told
They can happen when we least expect
When we let ourselves be free


Every chance that we take
Is one less mistake we can make
Sometimes are blessings are in disguise
Look beyond what they say
It don't really matter what they see
As long as you can believe



Oh, oh

It's difficult to hold on
So easy to let go
And take the road that's least resistant
But you gotta be persistent
Leading them to follow
Don't wait for tomorrow
Got to do it today


Oh yeah
Oh yeah
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