Elvis Hitler Ten Wheels for Jesus Lyrics

Artist: Elvis Hitler
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yeah I drive my truck along that highway
to the nearest church
and I get down on my knees and pray
10 wheels for jesus

well I get so lonely
yeah I get so lonely on that highway
but I got my country music radio
it keeps me happy
I got ten different kinds of diseases
10 wheels for jesus.


I got Tammy Fay Baker in a cab next to me
and she's gettin over her drug addiction affliction
and she's good for bout an hour now
So I pull into a roadhouse
far from home
and I walked in
all alone and there's nobody in there
cept this one guy with greasy long hair and sandals
and he's bleedin from the palms of his hand
it was the lord
it had to be
he was eatin chili fries and drinkin budweiser from a long neck bottle
so I said
lord, what can elvis hitler do to serve you today
he said
well elvis me and god that is god almighty omnipotent ruler of the universe was talkin about it just this morning
and if you really want to please us
shout it out now
yes lord
if you really want to please us
yes lord
give me ten wheels for jesus!