Elysium - Departure Fresco Lyrics

Artist: Elysium Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Feedback
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from hero to subzero
antisocial enfant terrible
natural born loser
support stupidity certificate

chromium covered walls
in my own dust bowl
this deserted epicentre
wordless dreams' battlefield

this is the departure fresco
innocence's paled
ironic & sincere greetings
from reality backstage

personal blitzkrieg crossfire
full contact murderous crash
forwards movin' vanguards
exclaiming empty promises

rumours & complaini' chord
crutch credit deadline
supratwilight conditioners
critical nothing mass

scrawlin' farewell notes
in fevered coma haven
no jackpot at all
useless patterns' back for good

witness this bleak utopia
no will is in command
so tell me - is this a boundary?
I'll sleep when I'm dead

your chemical saviour
won't take you there
in coma distance -a random pain
the apathy manifesto

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