Elysium - Farewell Lyrics

Artist: Elysium Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Dreamlands
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To this toxic despair
In the endless shade of grey
All alone you'll stare
Through the window of end
Naked truth now strikes again

Enter halls of dying lies
Bleeding heart
Shall beat no more

Follow now
Empty pages of your life
Burned inside
Razor blade is all that you've found
You've tried all
But nothing was gained
Sanity's lost
You've tried it all
In vain

Travel in solitude
Dead passion trip
You're passing away
With fear in cold eye

This is now
****ing dead point of your life
You're broken and hollow
As bitter grain hurts
And frost hits blind mind
It seems you're lost
With stone tears in your eyes
You're tearing down the unseen wall
And you're killing yourself again
And again

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