Elysium - Swallow Her Lyrics

Artist: Elysium Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Dreamlands
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rising higher now
wraps the moisty dusk
the universe in swoon
of milky sighs

in rain of shattered feelings
I fall empty and cold
blackhearted angels' twilight
bleeding is my broken heart
children of silver shield
lovers in sweet embrace
waters trembling with bliss
dead leaves in autumn haze
swallow her...
see now how she yearns for this
open her...
with a razortongue in flames of the end

in silky streams of mourning
a solitary muse
withering roses' drama
bleeding is her weakened heart
strayed in eternity
a requiem for silhouette
funeral widowspring
half-opened and undressed

never leave her again
...she's thirsty...
ecstasy of seductive scents
all is yours to drown in

a promised passion falls
and we will kiss the steel
cause all the prayers we've saved
are lost and dead

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