Go to Sleep



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Ain't gonna breathe, til I see, what I wanna see
Permanently, you just being hurt, this ain't gonna work
Cuz we, are just gonna be, enemies
Coming to terms, where we can agree
You speak on my seed, then me, no speakin Englais
You're gonna agree, to meet with me in the flesh
A demon unleashed in me, that you've never seen
I see you D-12, and thanks, but me need no help
When I see you, I'm seeing you, me and you only
When I'm this close, to see you exposed as phony
Lift me up, hold me, just like you told me
I'm rid of you, all you, Ja, you'll get it too!
Die, motherfucker, die! Ugh, time's up, bitch, close ya eyes
Why are you still alive? How many times I gotta tell ya, close ya eyes?
Die motherfucker die, bye, bye, motherfucker, bye, bye!
Why are you still alive? Why, die motherfucker, ah, ah, ah...

We got you niggaz, nervous
You'se not them G's, you'se a circus, you'se no appeal, please
You'se purpin, you'se no threat, who's ya servin?
You fuck with a label overseein the Earth
And as I mold, I become a curse
Cock and squeeze, and he who reach the hearse is he who
And as I breathe, and you be deceased
You'se not the streets, you'se the desk
Before two's choose ya rest, you chose death

Hey dog, I'ma walk like a beast, talk like the streets
Stalk on the beat, walk wit my feet
Peep how I'm moving, peep where I'm going
But I'ma keep growing, getting larger than life
He be knowing how dog get, when dog gone bite
Grand champ, and my Blood Line is tight
Niggas tried to holla, but couldn't holla back
Blood Line, and, we can go track for track

All you motherfuckers! take that!
We're killin all you motherfuckers dead, all you!
Rot, motherfuckers, rot! Decay, in the dirt, bitch, in the motherfucking dirt!
Ahhhhhhhhhh! Hahahaha


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