England Dan - It's Sad To Belong Lyrics

Writer(s) : GOODRUM, RANDY
Artist: England Dan Lyrics
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Met you on a springtime day
You were mindin' you life
And I was mindin mine, too
Lady when you looked my way
I had a strange sensation
And, darlin' that's when I knew...

(That/Oh) it's sad to belong to someone else
When the right one comes along,
Yes, it's sad to belong to someone else
When the right one comes along.

Oh, I wake up in the night
And I reached beside me
Hopin' you will be there
But instead I find someone
Who believe in me when I said
"I'd always care."


So I lived my life in a dreamworld
For the rest of my days
Just you and me walkin' hand in hand
In a wishful memory
Oh, I guess that's all
That it would ever be.
Wish I had a time machine
I could make myself go back
Until the day I was born,
And I would live my life again
And rearrange it so that I'll be
Yours from now on.

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