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Album: Track 8 on Soapbox Heroes
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Many years I've lived alone
A life of solitude
Since my love did leave this life
My joys have been but few
In my sleep she sang to me
Like summer's windy breath
No sooner had she warmed my heart
Than had she left my bed
Had she left my bed

Won't you sing to me the perfect song
That I might smile again
Won't you sing to me the perfect song
That I might smile... smile again

The melody enchanted me
With words I can't describe
It DANCED around the room until
It vanished in the night
The lyrics spoke of beauty
Only gods and angels know
IT touched me on the cheek
With gentle hands like flakes of snow

Some day soon we'll meet again
If it's in a dream I'll never wake
So it won't end
We'll live in my head
AND The echo of your song won't go
Quietly it holds me here
By my window I wait
How long will it take?

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