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Album: Track 1 on Enuff Z'Nuff
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Information came about her
Suddenly I live without her
Turn my stereo up louder
I don't want to hear about her
Took myself a small vacation
Kind of an investigation
Checking out a new sensation
Finding much invigoration
Hand is on the buzzer and I'm walking through the door
Get high on a new thing
Get high on a new thing
Everybody wants to find it
Just they're all so narrowminded
See a hill they've got to climb it
May be pots of gold behind it
Worry worry is your answer
If you like your wrinkles faster
Nursing old things makes them last
The way we did it in the past
Everybody telling you
You ain't got no respect
Get High on a new thing
Get high on a new thing
Suicide don't make it
Cause you're lonely in the end
Get high on a new thing
Get high on a new thing

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