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Artist: Eric Woolfson Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on Poe: More Tales of Mystery and Imagination
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I was adrift on an ocean of dreams
I was amazed...
And as I sail to the end of the world
I'm not afraid...
Mournful moon and willow tree
Tell the world not to weep for me
And I will be set free...
I took a drink from a bottle of wine
And I was changed...
Made a deal with the devil inside
And I was shamed...
I have sailed on stormy seas
Where the four winds blow me;
Shining moon and willow tree
Tell the world--remember me
For I will be set free...
All that we see,
All that we seem
Is but a shadow of a shadow
Of a dream within a dream;
But if a tree is evergreen,
Then maybe part of us
Could be eternal...
Though tangled life
May be no more,
A drop rain upon the ocean
Grain of sand upon the shore
The words will live forevermore
If you can hear me now,
Am I immortal?
Magic mood and willow tree
If they ask about me,
Tell the truth, and they might learn;
Light a candle and watch it burn...
Then I will be set free...
Free as a bird
Upon the wind,
Now all the trials and tribulations
Of the world don't mean a thing;
Above the clouds
I'll fly away--
Was it my imagination,
Did the stars come out to play?
Beyond the sun--
Eternal flame,
I hear a chorus of a million voices
Calling out my name;
But all I see and all I seem
Is but a shadow of a shadow
Of a dream within a dream,
Free as the wind--
Lighter than air
Free from the jealous minds,
The scornful, bitter words
Won't hurt me there
And I will live forevermore--
If you remember me,
I am immortal!
I am immortal!

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