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Please stay with me now
Don't you let me go
I'll make it somehow
I got to let you know
That I'll make it
Somehow, some way
Though I wait on the day
What I'm doing's got to pay
Someway, somehow

My baby, when he cries
It's 'cause something's on his mind
This world is full of lies
You and me are one of a kind
The good lord will stand behind every step
We are blind to fate, that's life, that's life

Stay, stay, stay, stay (Won't you please)
Stay, stay, stay, stay

It fits, but you can't make it work
Where there's pain, there's got to be hurt
And the green grass grows from the dirt
Yeah, that's a fact of life alright
The good lord stands behind every step
We are blind to fate, that's life, that's life

Stay, oh won't you please
Stay, stay (Won't you)
Stay, stay, stay, stay
Stay, stay, stay, stay

Stay, stay (Right here)
Stay, stay (Don't you go, no no)
Stay, stay (Oh no no)
Stay, stay (Stay baby baby please stay)
Stay, stay (Right here, right here, right here)
Stay, stay (I want you to stay right here)
Stay, stay (We can stay here, together, together yeah)
Stay, stay (Don't listen to what people say)
Stay, stay (Stay, stay, listen now yeah)
Stay, stay (Stay, yeah yeah now)

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