Eskobar - You Got Me Lyrics

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I'm dying inside, but I'm so ugly when I cry
My makeup starts to run, then I'm not me no more
I wonder how, we're gonna get through these hard times
I wake up from a slumber, in a smile

This face, it must be kept at all costs
Like a statue in a window or everything is lost

Well hey you got me right where you want me
Well hey you got me right where you want me
You knock me out, but you still haunt me
Well hey you got right where you want me, to be

I go and hide, behind the barricades of our time
I've learned just how to run without runnin'
Most of us walk around, believin' this struggle is sound
But I don't believe, I could swim in a sea of gold

Well hey you got me right where you want me…

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