Evanescence - Away from Me Lyrics

Artist: Evanescence Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Origin
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I hold my breath
As this life
Starts to take it's toll
I hide behind a smile
As this perfect plan unfolds
But, oh, God
I feel I've been lied to
Lost all faith
In the things I have achieved
And I...

I've woken now
To find myself in the shadows
Of the lie I've created
I'm longing to be lost in you
Away from this place I'm in
Won't you take me away from me

Crawling through this world
As disease flows through my veins
I look into myself but
My own heart has been changed
I can't go on like this
I loathe all I've become


Lost in a dying world
I reach for something more
I have grown so weary
Of this lie I live


And I have woken now
To find myself
I'm lost in shadows of my own
I'm longing to be lost in you
Away from me [Echo out]

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