BM (skit) Lyrics


publisher: ©OBO APRA/AMCOS
album: Track 8 in album Ruff Ryders’ First Lady
release date: 1999-9-14
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length: 1:02

Cover Art

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Niggas are elephant heavy, what's poppin? There's plenty of money out here tonight.

[Guy 2]:
Hell motherfuckin yeah. Hey. Ah, that's that bullshit nigga, ain't that your BM comin down right there?

Stop it. Fuck is you talkin about?

[Guy 2]:
Nigga that's Mimi with your little man. Put your foot down.

Chill B. Yo Mimi.

[Guy 2]:
Hey Mimi.

Chill dawg I got this. Yo Mimi.

[Guy 2]:
Hey Mimi you hane.

You chill. Hey Mimi come here for a minute B.

Yo what's up dawg?

What the fuck? Dawg? Bitch why the fuck you got this tight shit on and got my fuckin son out here this time of fuckin mornin lookin like this?

If you'd a gave me some money I'd a put some clothes on your son.

Bitch I just gave you five hundred Friday.

That was for the rent nigga.

Fuck is you...Bitch

What the fuck is you yellin at me for?

*Yelling and slapping

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